G.O.D. COVER CONTEST 2021 Overview


Yamaha Music Japan Co,. Ltd.



G.O.D. COVER CONTEST is held to determine who will join G.O.D. in the next release. Show us your excellence in playing the guitar and be the next G.O.D. member!


Entry deadline : May 31st
Winner announcement : mid June


choose one from the list below, starting with the person in first place.

D’Addario / American Stage Instrument Cable (15ft and 20ft each)
D’Addario / XT Electric Guitar Strings (10 sets)
Line 6 / HX Stomp XL
ViViX / All the Kemper rigs and impulse responses + Unreleased Bogner 2×12 Cabinet IR

Grand Prix will get the right to participate in next G.O.D. release

How To Enter

  • Choose one song from ” G.O.D.”, “G.O.D.II”, “G.O.D.111”, “G.O.D.LIKE COMPOSER PACK”, “G.O.D.III” or “G.O.D.IV DAWN / DUSK” and record a playthrough video.
  • Upload it on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Advertise it on Twitter. The tweet must include ”the URL of the video (if you choose YouTube)”, ”#play_like_godIv” and ”@GtOnDemand”. If you don’t have a Twitter account, send an e-mail here with your name and URL of the video. Or, advertise it on Instagram. Your post must include the hashtag #play_like_godiv.

That’s all! Please wait for your entry to appear on our entries page.


  • You can enter with a video which is already public on the internet.
  • You cannot enter with a video which you used to enter previous G.O.D. events.
  • Multiple entries will be OK.
  • You can record a video with your friend, band member etc.
  • You can enter the contest if you cover only a part of the song. If none of G.O.D. songs match your style, just choose your favorite song and play a solo on it in the solo section.
  • We’ll accept entries from all over the world, and we’ll ship the prize worldwide if we have any transportation available.
  • You can play with any kind of tracks including the original version, the distributed backing tracks and the backing tracks you create on your own.
  • You cannot enter with a video that contains any copyright infringement.
  • We will not hold the live final this time.
  • Only entries with a guitar will be judged, but we’d be very happy if you try with your favorite instruments like vocal, bass, keyboard, violin etc.

Judgement criteria

  • We want you to be unique and original. Please don’t just copy the original but add any ideas you have.
  • Playback will be OK if it goes unnoticed.
  • View counts or SNS engagement DOES affect the judgement. Advertise your entry as much as possible!

Giveaways to all the participants

G.O.D.IV DAWN / DUSK Digital Booklets PDF