G.O.D. COVER CONTEST 2018 Resources

Here are the backing tracks, raw tracks and the TABs of G.O.D.II.
If you look for the materials from G.O.D. 1st, please go to this page.
About G.O.D.II, please refer to this page.
G.O.D.111 backing tracks and other files are here.

backing tracks

01: xPLAnETes -backing track-
02: Circe -backing track-
03: reload -backing track-
04: Lost Elphame -backing track-
05: Elektrichka -backing track-
06: Menthol -backing track-
07: kakera -backing track-
08: Odyssey -backing track-
09: The Sprawl -backing track-
10: Advent -backing track-
11: Saw A York -backing track-
12: One Last Wish -backing track-
13: Imawa no kiwa -backing track-
14: Miasma -backing track-
15: My Dear -backing track-
15: My Dear -backing track- (without solo violin)