G.O.D. COVER CONTEST 2018 Abstract

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Entry deadline : April 15th
Live final ticket on sale : March 3rd
5 finalists announcement : April 17th
The live final will be held at Minami-Aoyama Future SEVEN on April 30th.


All the finalists will get

  • G.O.D.III T-shirt

GRAND PRIX will get

  • participation in G.O.D.IV (The album title may change)

How To Enter

  • Choose one song from ” G.O.D.”, “G.O.D.II”, “G.O.D.111”, “G.O.D.LIKE COMPOSER PACK” or “G.O.D.III” and record a playthrough video.
  • Upload it on YouTube or Twitter.
  • Advertise it on Twitter. The tweet must include ”the URL of the video (if you chose YouTube)”, ”#play_like_godIII” and ”@GtOnDemand”. If you don’t have a Twitter account, send an e-mail here with your name and URL of the video.

That’s all! Please wait for your entry to appear on our entries page.

About the finalists

G.O.D. members will choose the 4 best entries, and the entrant who gets the most Retweets by April 17th will also go through to the live final. Support your favorite guitarists to help them be the finalists!


  • You can enter with a video which is already public on the internet.
  • You cannot enter with a video which you used to enter previous G.O.D. events.
  • Multiple entries will be OK.
  • You can record a video with your friend, band member etc…
  • We’ll accept entries from all over the world, and we’ll ship the prize worldwide.
  • You can play with any kind of tracks including the original version, the distributed backing tracks and of course, the backing tracks you create on your own.
  • All the expenses and costs including meals, travel, accommodation etc. are the finalist’s responsibility
  • If the finalists already bought tickets to the final, we’ll pay them back./li>
  • You cannot enter with a video that contains any copyright infringement.