G5 Cover Project -English Regulation-



Cover G5 Project songs and get G5 goods

Entry period has ended. Thank you all for your participation!


-Invitation to G5 Clinic
-G5 T-shirt (M size)

We’ll give them to 5 best covers.

Details about the clinic TBA.


-Choose a song from G5 Project, G5 2007, G5 2010 or G5 2013 and record a performance video.

-You don’t have to play entire song. Play just a part of a song will be OK.

-You can enter the contest with a video that is already uploaded and published. (But you can’t enter with G5 Cover Project 2010 entry)

-Whatever the instrument is OK.

-You may choose to play along with the backing tracks or the original version. Of course you can make your backing track by on your own.

-We accept multiple entries from the same person.

We’ll accept the entries from all over the world, and we’ll ship the prize worldwide.

-How to enter

  1. Upload the video on YouTube.
  2. Advertise it on Twitter. The tweet must include ”the URL of the video”,” #G5CP2014” and ”@G5_Project”. If you don’t have a Twitter account, send an e-mail here with your name and video URL.
  3. That’s all! Please wait for your entry to appear on our entries page.


backing tracks

You can download the backing tracks at the discography.




G5CP2014_2HD G5CP2014_1HD

G5 Cover Project -English Regulation-” への1件のコメント
  1. Luffy Zhou より:

    Could you tell me where can download the backing tracks ? I didn’t find yet..

    Thank you ,

    Best regards,

    Luffy Zhou.

  2. Godspeed より:

    Hi Luffy,

    We’re planning to sell G5 2013 backing tracks soon. You can download the backing tracks of previous albums on the discography pages for free.

  3. ccc より:

    Will the tabs be available as well?

  4. Kevin L. より:

    Hi there,

    I recently bought all the G5 albums from Amazon but the quality is not that good.

    Can you send me a higher bitrate file? 320kps? I can send you my receipt if needed. Thanks!


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